The Maison de Lamond French trip 2014!

Maison de Lamond French trip

Excitement…mixed with anticipation as Mum and Dad, aka Chrissie and Richard, hooked up the trailer this week with GB badge adhered and said au reviour to go on the annual trip into the hills and byways of Normandie and surrounding villages, following Papa’s packed schedule of stops at Brocantes and Vide Greniers…not to mention the necessary patisserie stops for delicious essential carbs!

It’s almost a national pastime that the French love visiting second hand markets and Brocantes – they hate throwing anything away, they are a nation of recyclers and a lover of objects that are both useful and beautiful and serve purpose in life .. Whether it be a truffle jar, a larder cupboard or a linen press.. Things are kept, passed down and cared for, hence the abundance of an eclectic mix of beautiful objects that I completely adore – there is nowhere quite like France..

Now don’t get me wrong, trips like this aren’t all sunshine, antiques and vino.. But what you do discover are unusual items you simply can’t discover in shops and this is what drives us to do the lengthy miles… It’s soo worth it – the feel, the scent, the colours of the fabric on the Louis chair you’ve picked up at an Attic sale in a village in the Calvados region, that is what makes us tick… And that’s what we can’t wait to see sitting in our little shop…

So next week sees the return of the mama et papa explorers and I can’t wait to see what they’ve found… So do come and see us this month ..

Love Rebecca Lamond..

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