Sunshine, storms and a special birthday!

First things first – apologies for not updating the blog in such a long time!  Things have been so busy for us at Stydd Gardens between Maison de Lamond and Brambles & Lace that there’s barely time for a quick vino and a catch up of Emmerdale before bed!  I’m going to be keeping on top of it now though, with a weekly update of the goings on here, and what a beautiful week it has been – from the Ribchester Music Festival at the start of the week, to sweltering sunshine with a spectacular storm thrown in in the middle!  I hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather, the Ribble Valley looks beautiful in the sunshine doesn’t it?!

Hand-painted table with carved dove topThe food smells drifting over from our neighbours, Fullaloves, have been very tempting but I’ve managed to resist, instead braving the heat in the polytunnels here to paint some of the gorgeous furniture we have in at the moment, like the table you can see here…and as it has a dove carving on the top it was just begging to have it’s picture taken in front of the dovecot here at Stydd!

Carved table top in front of the Stydd Gardens dovecot

Stunning rusty wall bustWe’ve also been stocking up on other items to decorate your home with recently, such as a beautiful mid-century inlaid Italian drinks trolley, an Edwardian mirror fronted cabinet that is to die for, and this stunning rusty wall bust, perfect for your garden decor…

And last but by no means least I want to say a very Happy Birthday to my sister, Emma!  I won’t say exactly how old she is but let’s just say that on this birthday ‘life is beginning’ for her!!  A new life has actually genuinely begun for her recently as she joined me and our Mum in running Maison De Lamond as a full time member of the family team here, it’s wonderful working every day with our loved ones.

So Happy 40th Emma!! (oops)

Happy 40th Birthday Emma!

(And a big thank you to Ben and Andrea at Fullaloves for hosting Emma’s party – on their wedding anniversary too!)

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