Fish, jewellery and a buffet!

fish tank

Well, here we are just one week into the new ‘one-blog-post-a-week’ routine and…there’s nothing to write about! My little boy wasn’t well at the start of the week, so searching for antiques to bring to you had to be put to one side and instead I was Nurse Mummy! So as a result guess what the only item added to our home this week was? Was it a Edwardian bevelled glass cabinet? No. Was it a tall ancient linen press? No. Was it a French chandelier? No! It was……..a fish tank! Tempting as it is to whip out the Annie Sloan, I don’t think that our new family additions ’Goldie’ and ‘Helmet’ will be happy if I obscure their view with chalk paint!

Vintage earring jewellery available at Maison de Lamond in Ribchester

antique ring jewellery available at Maison de Lamond in Stydd Gardens

This week we finally introduced something into the shop at Stydd that I’ve been dying to get in there – we now have a selection of beautiful vintage ear-rings and antique rings, so if you’re after a unique piece of jewellery, come and visit us here in Ribchester!

circa 1890 hand painted oak buffet with marble inner - Before

circa 1890 hand painted oak buffet with marble inner - After

Towards the end of the week I managed to give the hand painted Maison touch to this amazing antique carved oak buffet (circa. 1890) – the top lifts up and there is a marble inner, which was used to serve cooked meats and cheeses. Here it is before and after – as you can see it took a lot of work!

And if you’re wondering if the use of a fish tank for medicinal purposes helped to perk up a poorly little boy? Yes it did!

fish tank for medicinal use

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