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New pieces of furniture and home decor for July 2015

Hello, thanks for coming back to read another blog update! In case you haven’t visited us here at Stydd recently (and if not, why not?!?!), I thought I’d take a minute to show you some of the new pieces that we’ve had in the shop over the last couple of weeks – but some of them went quickly and we get new pieces in all the time so make sure you pop over to see us regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on some lovely furniture for your home!

Beautiful vintage Italian drinks trolley with detailed inlay

This is a beautiful vintage Italian drinks trolley with a detailed inlay…

Antique Victorian bow fronted glass display cabinet

An antique Victorian bow fronted glass display cabinet…

Vintage mirror fire screen

Here is a vintage mirror fire screen with hand-painted detail, lovely in a bedroom…

Vintage boudoir chair perfect for french style bedrooms

As would be a pair of vintage boudoir chairs, fantastic for French-styled bedrooms…

Three drawer cabinet mahogany furniture

A piece of mahogany furniture – a three drawer cabinet…

Antique Edwardian bevelled mirror fronted cabinet

And finally an antique Edwardian bevelled mirror fronted cabinet (with a little drawer in the top)

Hope to see you soon!

Florist Carl Wilde at Brambles & Lace event at Stydd Gardens, Ribchester, Ribble Valley, Lancashire

As Brambles & Lace (our wedding flowers and marquee dressing service) we had a successful day this week on Tuesday at another one of our days with celebrity florist Carl Wilde.  We run Brambles & Lace with Maureen Little, who is also our Maison de Lamond neighbour as she runs The Bee Garden, make sure you pay both of us a visit next time you’re at Stydd!

Also this week we completed a commission job working in Whalley, Lancashire, transforming a large display cabinet and claw and ball foot coffee table by hand-painting them in Annie Sloan paint – it was a big job but we were very pleased with the end results! If you have any pieces of furniture that you would like us to spruce up for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

large display cabinet before being hand painted with Annie Sloan

large display cabinet hand-painted furniture in Annie Sloan

claw and ball foot coffee table before being hand painted in Annie Sloan

claw and ball foot coffee table hand painted furniture in Annie Sloan

fish tank

Well, here we are just one week into the new ‘one-blog-post-a-week’ routine and…there’s nothing to write about! My little boy wasn’t well at the start of the week, so searching for antiques to bring to you had to be put to one side and instead I was Nurse Mummy! So as a result guess what the only item added to our home this week was? Was it a Edwardian bevelled glass cabinet? No. Was it a tall ancient linen press? No. Was it a French chandelier? No! It was……..a fish tank! Tempting as it is to whip out the Annie Sloan, I don’t think that our new family additions ’Goldie’ and ‘Helmet’ will be happy if I obscure their view with chalk paint!

Vintage earring jewellery available at Maison de Lamond in Ribchester

antique ring jewellery available at Maison de Lamond in Stydd Gardens

This week we finally introduced something into the shop at Stydd that I’ve been dying to get in there – we now have a selection of beautiful vintage ear-rings and antique rings, so if you’re after a unique piece of jewellery, come and visit us here in Ribchester!

circa 1890 hand painted oak buffet with marble inner - Before

circa 1890 hand painted oak buffet with marble inner - After

Towards the end of the week I managed to give the hand painted Maison touch to this amazing antique carved oak buffet (circa. 1890) – the top lifts up and there is a marble inner, which was used to serve cooked meats and cheeses. Here it is before and after – as you can see it took a lot of work!

And if you’re wondering if the use of a fish tank for medicinal purposes helped to perk up a poorly little boy? Yes it did!

fish tank for medicinal use

First things first – apologies for not updating the blog in such a long time!  Things have been so busy for us at Stydd Gardens between Maison de Lamond and Brambles & Lace that there’s barely time for a quick vino and a catch up of Emmerdale before bed!  I’m going to be keeping on top of it now though, with a weekly update of the goings on here, and what a beautiful week it has been – from the Ribchester Music Festival at the start of the week, to sweltering sunshine with a spectacular storm thrown in in the middle!  I hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather, the Ribble Valley looks beautiful in the sunshine doesn’t it?!

Hand-painted table with carved dove topThe food smells drifting over from our neighbours, Fullaloves, have been very tempting but I’ve managed to resist, instead braving the heat in the polytunnels here to paint some of the gorgeous furniture we have in at the moment, like the table you can see here…and as it has a dove carving on the top it was just begging to have it’s picture taken in front of the dovecot here at Stydd!

Carved table top in front of the Stydd Gardens dovecot

Stunning rusty wall bustWe’ve also been stocking up on other items to decorate your home with recently, such as a beautiful mid-century inlaid Italian drinks trolley, an Edwardian mirror fronted cabinet that is to die for, and this stunning rusty wall bust, perfect for your garden decor…

And last but by no means least I want to say a very Happy Birthday to my sister, Emma!  I won’t say exactly how old she is but let’s just say that on this birthday ‘life is beginning’ for her!!  A new life has actually genuinely begun for her recently as she joined me and our Mum in running Maison De Lamond as a full time member of the family team here, it’s wonderful working every day with our loved ones.

So Happy 40th Emma!! (oops)

Happy 40th Birthday Emma!

(And a big thank you to Ben and Andrea at Fullaloves for hosting Emma’s party – on their wedding anniversary too!)

Maison de Lamond French trip

Excitement…mixed with anticipation as Mum and Dad, aka Chrissie and Richard, hooked up the trailer this week with GB badge adhered and said au reviour to go on the annual trip into the hills and byways of Normandie and surrounding villages, following Papa’s packed schedule of stops at Brocantes and Vide Greniers…not to mention the necessary patisserie stops for delicious essential carbs!

It’s almost a national pastime that the French love visiting second hand markets and Brocantes – they hate throwing anything away, they are a nation of recyclers and a lover of objects that are both useful and beautiful and serve purpose in life .. Whether it be a truffle jar, a larder cupboard or a linen press.. Things are kept, passed down and cared for, hence the abundance of an eclectic mix of beautiful objects that I completely adore – there is nowhere quite like France..

Now don’t get me wrong, trips like this aren’t all sunshine, antiques and vino.. But what you do discover are unusual items you simply can’t discover in shops and this is what drives us to do the lengthy miles… It’s soo worth it – the feel, the scent, the colours of the fabric on the Louis chair you’ve picked up at an Attic sale in a village in the Calvados region, that is what makes us tick… And that’s what we can’t wait to see sitting in our little shop…

So next week sees the return of the mama et papa explorers and I can’t wait to see what they’ve found… So do come and see us this month ..

Love Rebecca Lamond..

Ben and Andrea Fullalove Wedding at Stydd Gardens, Ribchester, Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Well this week saw another wedding at Stydd Gardens in the Ribble Valley, but this one was very much a local wedding as it was for Ben and Andrea – our next door neighbours at Fullaloves Wines!  Huge congratulations to both of them, it was a beautiful day and all of us here at Stydd wish them all the best!

Flowers for Stydd Gardens Wedding, Ribchester, Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Together with Maureen Little (our neighbour on the other side!), we decorated the wedding marquee with some floral displays and table centrepieces.  In fact as an exclusive piece of news, watch this space for ‘Brambles & Lace’, our new project which will see us as the preferred dressers of the marquee here in Ribchester including candelabras, floral arches and our unique floral frames to name but a few of our beautiful range!

French marble top chiffonier in Annie Sloan Chateau Grey

This week also saw some new pieces of our hand-painted furniture, one of which can be seen here along with some of our antique home decor items.  This french-style marble topped chiffonier really was a family affair, with both me (Rebecca) and Mum (Christine) getting out the Annie Sloan products for the painting and waxing.

Thanks for visiting, see you again soon!

A floral frame created for a wedding at Stydd Gardens in the Ribble Valley

It has been a busy week for us here in Ribchester!  Last weekend was beautiful weather for a wedding, and luckily that’s exactly what Stydd Gardens was hosting!  The on-site marquee was put to good use as the wedding venue, the whole team here at Stydd pulled together to decorate it.  Maison de Lamond produced some beautiful floral displays, created by upcycling picture frames, jugs and bottles to create our ‘floral frames’.  Our neighbours, Fullaloves Wines provided specialist wines and bevarages for the evening, which culminated much more quietly than usual due to the bridal party’s decision to have a silent disco – and it looked like great fun!

Florist Carl Wilde

This week has also seen a celebrity visitor to the site – the florist Carl Wilde (as seen on This Morning!) who visited Lancashire to host a ticket-only floral demonstration session followed by afternoon tea.

hand painted dressing table

Finally, some news that was both good and sad for us – the beautiful mirror-backed sideboard that you see to the left here, which has been a showpiece of furniture in our shop since opening has been sold!  We hand-painted it in a french style with a bespoke ‘Maison mix’ of Annie Sloan paint then gave it that shabby-chic look, finished with gold wax, and leaving the drawers in walnut with their original handles really made the piece stand out.  We’re happy that the new owners will love it as much as we did, but we had become attached to it!  We have plenty of ideas for a new showpiece of antique furniture to take its place that we are very excited about – watch this space!

mirror backed sideboard hand painted in a french style

Au revoir!

Maison de Lamond are busy making beautiful unique home interior Christmas florals with the Maison oh la la twist by combining vintage items to the pieces…
Lovely table arrangements, beautiful wall hangings and fireplace corners to name a few, orders are being taken now and samples can be seen or bought from the shop, so come and see them to help make your home extra special this Christmas…
Call or email Rebecca and Christine
Email us!
table decoration
floral table decoration

We are pleased to have a new collection of our unique up-cycled ‘trinket sticks’ – candlesticks that we have made from a collection of objects!  Be quick as they sell fast!

Unique upcycled trinket candlesticks

Unique upcycled candlesticks

Both I and the customer are really pleased with the way this recent commission job went :-

Hand Painted Chaise Longue


It is a beautiful chaise longue that we hand-painted using Annie Sloan paint to give it that vintage shabby chic look.

More commission work is coming in and the order book is filling up so if you have a piece of furniture that you would like us to breath new life into, contact us!